Gertie 2-3 years old (unknown), about 70 lbs.

This is Gertie. She is probably the gentlest dog I have ever known. If you take a squeak toy and squeeze it. She will fuss, take it gently from you then curl up around it and protect it from your "hurting it."

This dog is very well behaved. I take her for walks every day with no leash. She follows me from room to room, is no trouble, very affectionate. Not real playful, but a joy to have around.

I got her after I lost Hachi. From a wonderful couple who rescue stray dogs and cats. They contacted me due to an ad I had in FidoFinder about Hachi.

Update May, 23 2011:

Sad day today. The hip dysplasia had gotten so bad Gertie could not walk. Medication helped for a while but she was still dragging her rear around. Last week, she stopped moving around at all and started showing signs of constant pain.

So took her to the vet and had her put down. She was happy for 5 years and never a problem. All the neighbors would always ask to see her. We called her the Post Road Mascot ;).

Hachi- Approx 2 years old, 55 lbs (probably almost 70 lbs a few months later.)

 This was Hachi. An Akita-Shepherd mix. He was named after one of the most famous dogs in Japan. Hachi-ko.

He was rescued from a flooded shelter in the Biltmore NC flood in 2004 by boat. He was thin, you could see his ribs even through his thick fur. He had some injuries and sores from kennel life. The picture was soon after I got him. I don't know how long he was in a shelter, but he hardly ate for almost 2 weeks when I got him. Once he settled in, he had some good food he filled out and his coat became thicker. Everyone commented he was one of the most beautiful dogs they had seen. I just wish I had a later picture.

He was playful, gentle, smart, but untamed. I spent almost 4 months getting him disciplined. He would run off and saw it as a game if you tried to catch him. He was very spirited, and kept me laughing all the time. Would play 24/7 if I had enough energy.

Alas, just as he was making good progress getting him trained, he jumped my fence and disappeared during a storm. He was probably killed in traffic. He must have had a rough life. My only solice is he spent almost 4 months very happy before being lost.

Both dogs are mutts but still are great dogs. I encourage anyone to find a dog through a shelter, Rescue organization, or Humane Society. Save a dog from being put to sleep, they will be your best friend. Avoid pet stores as they may be sick or abused dogs. Judge the people you get the dog from, the better they are, the better the dog will be.

This was Dusty, a "donation" from a friend. A tomcat, independent, playful, and a bit psycho. He did assert his "superiority", sometimes on guests. Most often he was sweet, goofy and laid back.

He lived a pampered 13 years.


 This is Gypsy. She was rescued when she literally crawled out of a dumpster. She was sick, malnourished and was near death. I took her to the vet to have her put out of her suffering. The vet checked her out, she had fleas, anemic, distended stomach from starvation, worms, and a respiratory infection. The vet did not find anything that some antibiotics and a vitamin shot would not cure.

So after a few shots I took her home. A good bath and some food and the very next day she was playing like a little kitten, happy with lots of energy. She was very affectionate. She never got more than 5.5 lbs due to growing up malnourished. She had the spirit of a large cat, she would take on a squirrel or any cat that invaded her back yard. Definitely a hunter. She would hide in the leaves in the back yard and await squirrels to pounce on.

She lived a happy 12 years. She seemed to always have a kitten-like playfulness.

Take care of your pets, they are only human ;) Scott.

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