ZX600 Restoration - Painting.

Main work now is sanding and priming. Then painting. Below is a mock up of the paint scheme:

As of 4-12-2006: I have the paint and most of the bodywork primed and ready. I still have some final sanding and filling on the fairing.

4-13-2006: Most of green done, still have fairing and touch-up:

Initial green. This was my first attempt with HVLP gun. It worked out well. I had some blistering on the tailpiece due to some of the 7-colors underneath. Most was sanded off, but one area blistered when the green hit it even through the primer.

All of the green is now done. Will need a bit of touch-up in areas difficult to get to with main gun. Will get touch-up gun so I can do the small parts and clean up edges.

You can see from this angle the panel lines that flow from the front fairing onto the tank (tank is at angle as bracket is missing.) That will be filled black with a pinstripe. The Black bar that divides the upper/lower fairing will also continue up the tail.

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