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 This is my 1983 GPZ-550. Now has over 39,000 miles and still runs great. It is starting to get a bit tired. With my new bike, I had the time to fix it up (fork seals, some gaskets, steering bearings) No major problems.

This is a classic sportbike; in fact, one of the originals. Maybe someday I'll be able to run it in a Vintage Class race. I still ride it a bit. The new bike is nicer to ride. But, if there is a ride-in, I'll take this one as it is much more interesting for others to see. Besides, even after 22 years it is still a blast to ride.

Modifcations include: Kerker exhaust, K&N filters and jetting kit. Raask bars and rear-sets.

Recently I found an 1982 GPz550 on ebay. Could not resist at $95. Was originally intended as a parts bike, but I think I will restore it. My success with the ZX600 has given me confidence to paint both GPz's and make them look brand new.

After 18 years with the old GPZ, I finally got something newer. This is my new-to-me 2001 ZX-6R. This is an amazing bike. Rides like it weighs almost nothing. Amazing power for a 600cc bike.

Modifications: Muzzi exhaust, jet kit, K&N filter and adjustable timing advancer. Should be near 100HP at the rear wheel.

This bike is sweet. Hopefully I can get it on a track. It is almost too fast for street use ;). Have had speedo to 167 mph.

This is a 1986 ZX600 I picked up for my sister. It was a basket case and a lot of work to restore. But was fun to do.

 Check Out the ZX600 Project

Both bikes are a blast to ride. I especially love taking them up into the Georgia and North Carolina mountains. This is where these smaller bikes just shine.

Here's the Henion Gang

 Kawasaki 2000cc Vulcan

 Kawasaki ZX6-R

Kawasaki EX500

 Honda CBR1000

 My brother-in-law Kenny, Me, sister Lynn, and brother Dave.

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