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This plane started out as a Lanier Giant Stinger kit. I think the stingers are ugly, but they fly similar to the Sportsters. So, I got the kit and made major modifications. I started by throwing out all the plastic parts. Then I built the fuselage upside down so the wing unbolts from the bottom. The tail was built up with rounded edges and sheeted for stiffness instead of using struts. I then built a wood nose and turtledeck. I managed to use the stock canopy by cutting it in half. I later added a homemade fiberglass cowl.

First I rounded the tail surfaces.

Fuselage almost complete. Note how wing comes out bottom instead of top. Shows real turtledeck, no plastic.
It is impossible to get to the mount nuts after they the plane is built. This shows how I welded plates on to keep them from turning, then filled the holes and tapped them.
The G-62 mounted on isolation mount. Firewall is cut about 1" shorter for better look.
Starting wing. It is bigger than my workbench! What a mess...
Fuse done, wing almost ready to cover (actually wing is upside down in picture.

Tail servo installation.

Fuselage covered. Added rounded wing tips.

All done! Click on image for large picture. (use browser back button to return.) Actually this is a later picture. Busted canopy was replaced with a 2 liter soda bottle.
Oops, battery wire broke in the air. It flew away and ended up being caught by some small trees. I was REAL lucky this time. About an hour to fix. Lucky the engine was at idle, at higher RPM, that G-62 would have destroyed everything.

The plane is a dream to fly. Screams along, or will float real slow.
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