Welcome to the Scott Henion Planes Page.

I have been flying since 1984. Over the years, I have flown everything from 1/2A to giant scale. I fly at the Newton County R/C field. If you would like more info on the planes or the club, email me at

 Here's latest toy:
Great Planes, 1/4 scale Patty Wagstaff Extra 300.
ZDZ-40 for power. 14.6 lbs.

Flies great!


 Plane Pictures  Check out my current fleet of planes.
 Giant Sporster Building.   See the "Kit bashing" of a Giant Stinger into a Super Sportster.
  Giant Super Sportser Bipe.   2 models built. Update: 7-8-01, It Flies!
  The P-38 Project.  A work in progess. Currently on hold until the SS-Bipe is finished.
 Nicad vs NiMH  In response to a question on RCO, I have posted the discharge curves for NiCad and NiMh batts.
 Li-Iion Charger.  Circuit to charge Lithium Ion batteries. Updated 4-2-3003
 Gel-Cell Charger.  Circuit to charge 12v Lead-Acid (Gel Cell) batteries.
  NCRC  See the Newton County Flyers Page. Come fly with us!

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