The Plans

The Plans are still a work in progress. I will also work on instructions for the detail.

Update 4-1-2003
New design of fuse with internal box

Updated 2-23-2001:
Added second wing tubes for air lines
Added Eurokit Landing gear detail
Added R1 angle template
Added leading edge detail
Added detail for wing cutout on center formers

Update 9-7-2001:
Added double former at "notch" in fuse.
Moved all formers to page with 8.5x11" sheets
Added even more detail.

Needed to add:
Flaps detail.
I still need to add the radiators. Definitely a P-38 feature that can not be left out.
Engine options (i.e. G-23/38.)
Servo locations: Still no idea on CG so tail servos may be near wing or in tail.
Outer flap option (simple change but I don't want to add 2 more servos.)
Access hatches: Need to get to the radio/servos/landing gear.
Gear doors and more gear detail.

I have not been working on this project (working on Giant Sportser Bipe, finished it but had radio failure and now repairing crash damage.) Hope to get back on this in the fall. I really would like to redesign the fuse to use a ply box with formers around it. It really would make it easier to build straight.

Download the plans if you are curious. But don't start building one. Give me a chance to work the bugs out. This design has never been built or flown yet.

Several people have indicated interest in getting a printed copy of the plans. If you are interested in getting a copy of the finished plans or would like updates, send me an email at and I'll keep in touch with progress updates.

The plans are available here:
New P-38 Plans with internal box in DXF (zipped).

P-38 Plans in DXF format (Zipped)

P-38 Plans in DWG format (Zipped)

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