Work done so far:

  1. Removed and cleand carbs. Actrually removed and cleaned 7 times. Turns out corrosion of the jets was a problem. No cleaner would remove the crud, so had to drill them out. Same for fuel float valves. Carbs would overflow with gas. Ended up polishing the valve seat with a drill bit.
  2. Installed missing washers in carbs. These seemed unimportant as the were between and o-ring and the spring on the mixture screws (protect o-ring from end of spring). But it screwed up the adjustment the "2.5 turns out" standard setting was now about 1 turn.
  3. Installed several missing bolts.
  4. Installed replacement rear fender.
  5. Replaced handlebars/controls. Switches were a bit dirty, found whole set of bars/controls on ebay. Took the best from both. New bars came with the missing bar weights and good aftermarket grips..
  6. Stripped tank down to bare metal.
  7. Attempted leaky petcock repair. Repair kit was mismarked and had wrong parts. New on the way.
  8. Fixed fan thermostat.
  9. Plastic-welded the cracks in the fairing.
  10. Plastic-welded broken tab on fairing bracket.
  11. New brake lever (ball broken off end of old.)
  12. New carb gaskets.
  13. Syncronized carbs. It refused to idle well. Thought it was serious mixture problems (well it was.) But it still ran bad and would only rev up if choked. Turns out the carbs were way out of sync.
  14. New plug wires.
  15. Plastic weld crack in radiator shroud.
  16. Fix some crappy wiring.
  17. Installed missing tool box and tools.
  18. Installed missing seat latch. Still missing keylock.
  19. Installed battery.
  20. Mirrors, received broken aftermarket mirror, had to send back.
  21. Front turn signals ($0.99 ebay ;) )
  22. Accessory box. ($1.04 ebay)
  23. Bracket for front fender.
  24. 10-lb box of bolts to replace some of the missing ones.
  25. Wndshield screws/grommets/nuts.
  26. Have bolts/gromments for oil cooler.
  27. Petcock repair kit.
  28. White and black "ZX600, Kasasaki, KLEEN system, and Ninja" stickers.
  29. New Kevlar front Brake pads
  30. New throttle cables.
  31. New Clutch Cable

On Sunday 4/2/06 I actually was able to ride it. With leaky petcock and no tank bracket, had to bungee a 1-gallon can to the frame. Must of looked funny, no fairing, no lights, mirrors, tank or turn signals. But it rode real nice and has good power when it decides to wake up. Still stumbles off of idle.

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