Craftsman 109.20630 Lathe, modifications and upgrades. Visitors:

The new cross slide is shown above. It is actually a Sherline Milling Table for the 4000-series lathe.

Now I have a more accurate cross slide with a graduated dial. It is a bit lower than the stock cross slide by about 0.1". That now allows me to use my adjustable tool post. With the old cross slide, the tool holder could hardly get low enough.

Installation of the cross slide was easy. I drilled a 3/8" hole through the carriage, there is a flat area above the drive screw. Then drill and tap the Sherline cross slide.

I lose the compound cross slide, but I can always put the old one back on if needed. This cross slide has completely changed the accuracy and smoothness of the lathe. Less chattering, can dial a specific depth and almost no slop. It still has the slight difference in depth turning left/right and right/left do to the play in the carriage.

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