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This is my Great Planes Extra 300. A great flying plane (makes me look good.) Powered by an OS .91FX. Wingspan is 64".

My latest creation, is a Giant Sportster. 88+ inch wingspan. Powered by a Zenoah G-62. The small .20 size shown below was the inspiration. Click on image for building details.
A Simitar. Powered by a OS .25FSR. This plane will scream along or just fly real slow. Definitely different.

This was an experiment. I took a trainer and made a twin-engine wing. It flew well, until (see below.)

Some of my smaller planes. On the left is a tiny Ultimate Bipe. A Real handful. On the right is my Super Sportster 20. I flew it for almost 16 years until it came apart in the air (old age.)

My former Super Sportster Bipe. Lost due to battery failure. Next project is a giant version of this bipe.


Oops, radio glitch on landing. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

This little scratch-built Parakeet Bipe is real fun and flies real slow. For its size, it it real easy to fly. 36" wing


This is the trainer I learned on. A Great Planes Trainer 40.

That's all for now. I hope to add more later.

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