ZX600 Restore - How Bad is it?

Ok, cut the zip ties and took a closer look. No bolts holding radiator, oil cooler. No tank bracket, no seat latch/key, broken fender where turn signals mount. Missing bracket for front fender (it was just sitting in place.) Broken trottle cable. Short/broken wires on front brake light switch. Some other wiring problems. No seats or grab rail. No tool box/tools. Carbs are gummed up. Air box has duct tape covering part of the air inlet; probably an attempt to richen it up.
Dealer gave me a tail off a crashed bike as it was missing also. It was crappy yellow paint with blue strip. Sanding revealed 7 different colors of paint and two layers of primer.
Plastic weld of fairing. It was broken from rear along ridge all the way down to lower front. Previous owner had done epoxy/fiberglass that just peeled of. Both inside and outide were welded. Outside was sanded smooth and will need just a bit of putty to cover pinholes. Still some crappy bondo on the bottom edge.

It took a lot of sanding/priming but only a tiny bit of spot putty. Now it looks good. The vent is a bit ragged, but it is hard to get to, There is still some Bondo craks from a previous repair on the bottom edge, but they will be hard to see and too much work.

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