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 Left insides.

Contactor on lower left. Fan, top rear.

Lots of 00-gauge wire

On the bottom you can see the dolly I welded together for this. It has a hook on the top of the unit for a hoist. No human can move this thing. It was on a pallet and loaded on my trailer with a forklift. I had to use a long prybar to move it to the back of the trailer to then move it with my engine hoist. Rolls easily with the dolly on 4" wheels.

The back is nothing but the panel for setting voltage. Surprisingly, this is a single phase unit. I think it takes something like 107 amps at 220V. I will be using at at much lower capacity. Have a 50A circuit wired up.

 Right insides.


I placed a 12.5" ruler next to one of the two current control transformers. These things are huge.

The long black box with the label next to all the screw terminals looked like electronics. I opened it up and it has a bunch of relays.

Lower leftt is the reactor transformer. Lower right is the main transformer with the power transformer for the control circuit above it.

Definitely old-school stuff here. Only modern silicon is the rectifiers (heat sink in center)

On the back of the front panel you can see the coil for the high-frequency start.

Top right is the fan, balance resistor coils (for A/C TIG current balance.) Top center is the rectifiiers.

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