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PCB Layout

SHDesigns (Scott Henion) can do PCB layout. Simple boards are done in-house. This is only done as part of an overall design (design and schematic are done here.) This improves turn-around time as schematic/PCB are done together.

Schematic entry and PCB design are done using PCAD EDA tools.

For more complicated boards, we use an independent contractor: Stan Buza. Stan has been doing PCB design for near 20 years. His work is excellent. I have seen him do more in 4 layers than others can achieve in 6.

When we use Stan to do PCB design, his charges are included in a project costs with no markup.

Many of Stan's work is shown in the Board Gallery.

If you just need PCB layout (no hardware design,) contact Stan directly.

Contact information:

Stan Buza

Phone: (770) 378 8685