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I have done some small gas welding/brazing over the years. Have always wanted to get a real welder.

In late 2006 I purchased a Clarke 130EN MIG welder. This has proven to be an excellent machine and I have used it for numerous projects. I can now do a lot of new repairs, fabricate special tools and build various projects. It has changed a lot of the way i do things; I should have gotten one years ago. The Clarke got me into welding and wanted more. So I have scrounged, restored or built a collection of welders over the last 3 years.

I now do some welding as a side biz from my Stone Mountain, GA garage. Fix trailers, mower decks, motorcycle repair and various home projects..

Here is my current welder setup:

Top: Airco 300 amp AC/DC Heliwelder model 3A/DDR-224HPA/B-D. Will do TIG, MIG and arc welding. I do not use it for MIG as the Miller is designed specifically for MIG use and the Airco only works in spray transfer.

Actually the Airco welder will do up to 460 amps, but still can go as low as 5 amps. It was made by Miller, so I repainted it blue. The equivalent Miller model is 330A/B/P.

On the left of the unit, the upper coils of wire are the TIG torch and remote control cables. Below is the ground lead and the arc (stick) welding electrode and cable. About 30' reach. I also have two 25' extensions for the cables.

The lower welder is a Miller CP-250TS that I converted to single phase. To the right of that is a MIG cart and an Airco wire feeder. The cart has 25' of cable to the welder. On the side of the upper welder are two Tweco MIG guns: a 12' #1 180 amp and a 15' #4 400 amp gun.

I have also obtained a Smith gas mixer (on corner of bench.) This allows me to select any argon/CO2 mix. Behind wire feeder is the argon and CO2 gas bottles.

Surprisingly, the Airco beast will run on single phase. It is old, built in 1973; it is still an amazing unit that does Arc, limited MIG and TIG welding. I have a set of web pages dedicated to its restoration here. Airco WelderI run it off a 50A 240V breaker. To get the full power out, it specifies a 175A breaker!

The setup gives me Arc, MIG and TIG welding. This equipment was all part of an Unbelievable Ebay deal.

The manual is available below. *** 1/9//2016 added parts lists to the end of the manual. A better schematic page is also available available below

Airco user manual and parts list (6MB PDF file).
Airco cleaned up schematic

If this manual is different than yours check Miller's web site for the 330A/B/P, 330A/B/SP and 330P welders. Miller made the Airco welders and their models are very similar. If you have a serial number, try that on their web site.


This is a DIY portable welder I have designed and built. It can do arc, MIG or TIG welding. Should be capable of 150 amps or so (200A alternator used.) It currently has a 15HP B&S OHV engine that works well. I have a web site dedicated to it here.

Welding info done for I used my gas mixer to test various argon and CO2 ratios.

 A comparison of Argon and CO2 gas mixes used for MIG welding

Helpful welding site:: excellent site with tutorials, info and lots of help on the message boards.