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Working Agreements

Most contracts are as an independent consultant. This involves a written contract and with payment based on a 1099 employee. However the changes in the tax laws have made this type of arrangement difficult for corporations to use. Consequently, some clients are forced to contract me as a W2 employee or to pay based on deliverables.

For custom designs, there are other options. We can do the design and set up production. Then charges can be per-board with a production setup charge.

Although willing to do contract work, current obligations force us to stay in the Atlanta area. Most of my work is done here in my Stone Mountain office. This works fine for most of my clients. Usually a project involves some initial meetings on their site to cover requirements and initial contracts. Travel to client sites is not a problem unless it requires a long term stay.

Working off-site from a client is usually not a problem. The internet has allowed me to work basically anywhere and communicate design information via email and net transfers. Of course, I always work under non-disclosure and conflict of interest agreements to guarantee the security of client data.

Every working arrangement is different. If you have specific concerns we are willing to accommodate them.

To view a sample contract see: AGREEMNT.PDF

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