Scott's Atlas / Craftsman 101.07403 12x36" Lathe, modifications and projects. Stone Mountain, GA Unique Visitors:

This is an adapter to allow a removable gun to be used on Clarke MIG welders. This allows a longer and better gun to be used.

If you would like me to make one for you, I can make one for $45.00. Just send a payment to and I'll make you one (shipping included). You will also need a gas solenoid; a 110V solenoid for the 130EN and a 220V for the 180EN.

This is an adapter to use a Tweco MIG gun on a Clarke MIG welder.

Has a gas inlet and a set screw to hold the gun. First step down is to fit through the case, the smaller end will fit in the wire feeder clamp.

Center bored 0.625" then drilled 7/16" for 0.2". Finally center drilled 4mm for the guide tube. A plastic one is hown, a steel tube was used.

 Here is a picture of an another adapter installed on a Clarke 130EN.

I used a Tweco MiniMIG gun with a 12' lead.

Here is the first one I made. it was done on my Sherline lathe. Since the lathe was so small, I had to make it in 2 pieces and solder them together.

It worked ok but there was a bit of taper to the bore. I found later my bed was warped. The taper made the end wider so the gas did not seal well.

I later made a 1-piece adapter on my 109 lathe. It was better, but again a bit of taper. The lathe was straight, but it was hard to get the tailstock centered. The 109 was too weak to turn without supporting the far end. The spindle bore also prevented sliding the narrow part into the spindle.

On, the 12x36 I can do it all mounted in the chuck. I first turn and bore the 1/2" end. Then I mount it in a collete chuck and turn the rest and bore the 5/8 hole for the guun. The holes for the gas and set screw are done on a drill press.

The hole on the right is for the gas. I now dirll a small hole (1/8") then drill partway through with a 1/4" bit. The 1/4 threaded version would chew up the o-rings on the gun abit.

 I kept the old Clarke Gun and made a Tweco end for it. So, I could use it or any of my other guns. It was there as a backup.