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SHDesigns specializes in the design of rapid, inexpensive Embedded hardware and software solutions.

Custom Hardware and Software Design:

SHDesigns provides a full design service. Experienced in the complete product development cycle. From requirements, specifications, initial design, hardware and software, PCB design, prototype, to final testing. Contact us with the product you need to design. We can take your idea and develop the product for you. We can even set up production.

Consulting and Contracting:

Be sure to check out the sample project list and the Board Gallery.

Who is SHDesigns?

SHDesigns is mostly Scott Henion. However, I use other design engineers as needed, especially for things like PCB design. I have good relationships with these designers and allow rapid design on larger projects.

SHDesigns provides engineering services for both large and small clients. If you would like to discuss a consulting project or a contracting position, feel free to contact:

Contact Information:
Scott G. Henion
Stone Mountain, GA 30088 FAX: (601) 767-5142
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