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Custom Product Design

Rabbit Semiconductor has designed the Rabbit 2000 and 3000 chips. This is a small Z180 derivative. The advantages of this CPU are the development tools and supporting hardware. Libraries are provided that support networking, including an embedded web server. This allows a small box to be designed to be used with a standard web browser. End users can configure and view information from the embedded system without any special software.

The Rabbit processors also include serial ports, parallel I/O and timers. This allows many control functions to be implemented. Z-World (Rabbit Semi division) provides off-the-shelf boards that can be used as controllers. This allows design of embedded systems to only require the software design. Z-World also provides processor modules that can be used on custom boards.

SHDesigns has done many designs using the Rabbit processor and modules. We can design an embedded system using the Rabbit (or many other processors.) Designs have varied from full design services providing a finished board with full hardware, PCB and software design, down to providing only software design of libraries to provide specific features.

SHDesigns uses Softools C for embedded Rabbit design. Dynamic C is not a serious compiler and is not suitable for production of larger systems. Softools provides an optimizing ANSI C compiler that includes a full linker/librarian. The compiler itself will flag many programming editors and poor code practices. SHDesigns has ported much code to Softools we can port most applications.

SHDesigns also does Power Supply, Microchip PIC design Analog, Digital, DSP and PC Hardware and software design.

The Microchip PIC processors have been used on many designs. These are low-cost, small and very low power. For small designs these are ideal.

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