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My resume can be downloade in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format here.

January 1992 To present: Independant Consultant
Consulting work is listed separately. See consulting jobs for more information.

June, 1988 to August 1996: PRINCIPAL ENGINEER, Lanier Worldwide Tucker, Georgia.

tools include:
Assembler, C, C++, Fortran, Spice, Abel, PALASM, PCAD (CADAM), Novell, and some Visual C++/MFC.
Development targets include: 80x86, 68HC11, DSP56001/2, Linux, DOS, OS/2 and Windows.
Developed two generations of centralized dictation systems. These systems are multi-processor, voice processing systems using custom-designed hardware within a PC-based system. Work included hardware, software and system-level design. Was involved with the entire design process from requirements through design, implementation, manufacturing, documentation and support.
Hardware design included system architecture, microprocessor, logic, DSP and analog design. Developed several DSP systems for audio and telephone processing. These systems involved multiple DSP processors controlled by a general-purpose CPU. Also designed some of the system peripherals including power supplies, disk controllers, telephone access and input devices.
Software design included real-time software for embedded CPU's and DSP processors. Advanced the design of an in-house real-time operating system by adding new features and extensive diagnostic capabilities including an on-line debugger. Developed DSP algorithms for voice compression, DTMF generation and detection, communications, modem and echo canceling. DSP coding included FIR and IIR filters, adaptive filters and software emulation of hardware. The telephone DTMF performance exceeded industry standards and any other commercial system.
Developed design tools and systems for CAD-based hardware design. This included network design, implementation and support. Wrote many utilities for system integration including file translators, print utilities, and design verification tools.

Received training in MSVC++ and MFC which was used to write several utilities.
Six years of networking experience. Was part of the planning, installation and administration of Lantastic, CBIS, Novell 3.x and 4.x, 3Com, Microsoft, and TCP/IP networks. Provided planning and administration of tape backup procedures for multiple Novell servers. Experience in network troubleshooting and support for numerous PC's and applications including Windows '95.
Patents: Awarded patent #5,519,808 (one of three named inventors.) "Transcription Interface For a Word Processing Station."
Awarded patent #5,845,150 " Modular digital dictation system with plurality of power sources and redundancy circuit which outputs service request signal in a source does not meet predetermined output level". Named as sole inventer
Also named as inventor on: #5812882 and #5761529.

June, 1984 to June, 1988: ASSOCIATE ENGINEER, Hetra Computers and Communications Sebastian, Florida

Development tools: ASM, C, Pascal, Basic, PALASM, PCAD, Spice
Development targets: 68000/8/10, Z80, 80386
Designed the hardware and software for a 68000 CPU emulator. This design included complete hardware emulation along with firmware for target debugging, download and disassembly.
Designed the CPU (68000,) ECC memory, font storage, backplane and graphics subsystems for a 24ppm laser printer controller. Development software included extensive debugging, diagnostic and manufacturing test programs.
Developed several Z80-based communications products. These boards were use for high-speed communication using HDLC or SDLC protocols. Developed BIOS drivers for serial I/O and SCSI (SASI) devices. Wrote board and system-level diagnostics for manufacturing and field use.
Developed a 68000-based communications board for the PC architecture. This board included high-speed serial communications controllers along with an ethernet controller.
Designed an 80386DX CPU board for a passive-bus AT system. The CPU board included serial, parallel and floppy interfaces along with up to 16mb of RAM.

References available on request.


1980 to 1985
Florida Institute of Technology
Melbourne, Florida

Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering
Bachelor of Science Computer Engineering

Graduated with honors in both degrees.
3.77 GPA
Deans List 12 OF 14 quarters.
Member Eta Kappa Nu

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