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SHDesigns Resident Download Library
The most advanced and reliable DLM available for Rabbit Boards.

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The features are:

A different Approach for firmware updates.

Rather than try to update the entire flash with a new bin, the Flash is treated as a file system. A small boot loader/DLM resides at the beginning of Flash. User programs are compressed and stored as files. This allows redundancy, and will always be recoverable from a reset or power loss during a download.

The Boot loader starts and scans the Flash File System for a primary program. This is expanded to RAM and run. If the CRC fails or the program fails due to a watchdog reset, the backup program is run. If both fail, it will run the download manager. The primary or backup program can also be loaded from the FAT file system in serial Flash or a MMC card.

The library allows files to be added, deleted or replaced while the main application is running. A slow GPRS connection could take several minutes to download the new firmware. The system will still operate while the download progresses. When finished, it will reboot into the new code.

Download via serial interfaces is supported. This allows a seconds method of updates or for use on boards with no Ethernet.

Write your own Firmware Update routines.

This DLM allows users to write their own update via PPP, serial, removable storage, FTP. The file API allows a user to create a file, write the .bin to it and assign it as the primary or backup program. The PC utility would then only be needed if the user method fails.

A utility can be used to compress your .bin files externally. This will speed up updates via slow PPP connections. Files downloaded via the PC utility are automatically compressed. Typical compression is near 2:1.

Use the Flash File System for your own files.

The file API allows the PC utility to download additional files. These can be used for configuration parameters. This is easier to use than the user block. Up to 12 files are supported with names up to 100 characters.

User programs can write their own files and use the PC utility to upload them from the board. This is useful for log files.

If you would like to view the user manual (Adobe PDF) , It can be downloaded here


  1. Dynamic C versions earlier than 7.21 have not been tested. Due to serious bug in DC libs, 9.40 through 9.50 is not supported. 9.52 is supported.
  2. Softools 1.68 or later is preferred. Earlier versions may require some cstart changes.
  3. Requires programs run from RAM, 256k is minimum, 512k is preferred.
  4. For boards with 512K RAM or less (no fast RAM), verify you program can be compiled to RAM before ordering.
  5. Serial flash support requires ZWord FAT library (Dynamic C) or the SHDesigns FAT library for Softools.It can format, partition and store files through the Update Manager boot loader, but requries a FAT driver for user programs to access files.


This library is licensed on a per-developer basis. A licensed user will receive the libraries and documentation and will receive free updates. Updates will be available online.

The PC utility may be freely distributed. Source is available to allow users to integrate the function into their own applications.

The introductory license cost is $145. Licensed users will get technical support for 1 year.

Purchase Options:

New! Use the Online Store for Paypal and Credit Card orders.

Purchase order: (US-companies only): Send purchase order on company letterhead with a request for the items shown below to:

Fax: (601) 767-5142
Mail: SHDesigns
5082 Post Road Trail
Stone Mountain, GA 30088-2013.

Check or money order: Payable to SHDesigns in US Dollars, orders sent to above address.

Credit Card: Fax CC#, billing address including zip code, name on card, expiration date, security code and the email address to send the download information to: (601) 767-5142

For questions or more information check out the Rabbit Board at SHDesigns.

For More Information contact: or Call Scott Henion at: (678) 367-3157 (This is not the FAX number!)

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