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Z-World does not provide a viable Serial Downloader for the Rabbit products.
Others have implemented Serial Downloaders, but they are limited.

SHDesigns has implemented a solution that is simple, and is easy to use.

Hits since 04-22-03

Current DC Version 1.1 8-7-2003
Softools Version 2.0 12-7-2003

The features are:

An example screen of the download utility is shown below:


If you would like to view the user manual (Adobe PDF) , It can be downloaded here:

Z-World Version:

Softools Version:


- Dynamic C versions earlier than 7.21 have not been tested.


The DC version of this library is shareware. It is free for personal use, but if you develop products using the library, you should purchase a license. Users who do not purchase a license will get limited technical support. The licence fee is mainly to partially cover the support costs.

This library is licensed on a per-developer basis. A licensed user will receive the library source code, documentation and will receive free updates. Updates will be available online. There will never be a charge for newer versions.

The license cost is $55. Licensed users will get technical support for 1 year. Source to the RAM loader is licensed separately.

The Softools Version is available by purchase only.

Download DC Version:

The Z-World DC version of the library can be freely downloaded. If you end up using it in a commecial product, we ask you to purchase a license. The RAM loader source is no longer included. Precompiled binaries are provided.

For most applications, the source to the RAM loader is not needed. The precompiled versions will work fine. For RS485 applications, the source must be purchased to add the flow control.

The Z-World library, RAM loaders and instructions can be found here:

Purchase Options:

Purchase both the Ethernet Downloader and the Serial Loader and save $20.

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Be sure to include an email address to send the link and login information to download the library.

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