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Rabbit Board IP Locator:

This is an example on how to Configure the Rabbit TCP/IP stack at run time. It also provides a way to find the Rabbit Boards current IP. A PC utility will search for boards and allow the user to configure them.

Note: This is not implemented as a library, it is a sample application that can included in your code.

Updated: Will now display a user-defined board name.

The first dialog shows that the utility found a board configured at and it is using DHCP.
The second dialog shows the program reconfiguring the board with manual IP settings.
The Rabbit code stores the configuration in FLASH so it will be maintained on reboot. It will also default to a defined configuration on the initial boot of the processor.

The source code for both the PC utility and the needed Rabbit code can be found here.

Additional Information: Rabbit Libraries Home Page - SHDesigns Home Page - Softools WinIDE C compiler.