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Z-World does not provide a viable Ethernet Downloader for the Rabbit products.
Others have implemented Network Downloaders, but they are limited.

SHDesigns has implemented a solution that is simple, and is easy to use.

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11-06-2003 Version 2.0 released.
This is for the
Softools WinIDE C compiler.

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Download and try the Demo: ""

The features are:

An example screen of the download utility is shown below:

The design goal for this library was for a user to be able to walk up to any windows PC on the local LAN. Insert a floppy and run the program to download new code to any or all of the Rabbit-Based systems. Each Rabbit board is identified by name.

If you would like to view the user manual (Adobe PDF) , It can be downloaded here

The documentation for the PC-Utility can be read here:

Unlike the other libraries form SHDesigns, this one is not free. This was a significant development effort. Many hurdles had to be overcome with DC limitations. This library requires more support.


- Does not support PPP or PPPoE connections.


This library is licensed on a per-developer basis. A licensed user will receive the libraries and documentation and will receive free updates. Updates will be available online. There will never be a charge for updates.

The PC utility may be freely distributed. Source is available to allow users to integrate the function into their own applications.

The license cost is $95. Licensed users will get technical support for 1 year.

Ordering information for the SHDesigns libraries can be found here:

For questions or more information check out the Rabbit Board at SHDesigns.

For More Information contact: or Call Scott Henion at: (770) 879-3586 (This is not the FAX number!)

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