Scott's Atlas / Craftsman 101.07403 12x36" Lathe, modifications and projects. Stone Mountain, GA Unique Visitors:

Below is all of the stuff that came with the lathe. All the extras are worth more than I paid for it ;)

Craftsman 12x36 Lathe

Has steady rest, quick-change tool holder


 Main gears, look clean. Has roller head bearings.

Has link belt for vibration-free operation.

Pully cover was broken off at one point and brazed back on. Works fine, needed to add a washer so cover closes straight.

 Threading/drive gears look un-worn.
 All kinds of tool holders and tooling.
 Full set of gears for threading

Unknown tool holder, may be for a dial indicator, Milling attachment, face plate, original pulley, collette adapter

2 lathe dogs, ball/radius turning attachment

5" 3-jaw chuck and 6" 4-jaw chuck. These two are worth more than what I paid for everything.

 Original 1935 manuals, receipts, and parts lists

Lathe Operation Manual.