Scott's Atlas / Craftsman 101.07403 12x36" Lathe, modifications and projects. Stone Mountain, GA Unique Visitors:

This was a Sherline 4000 lathe i had previously (actually Craftsman branded.)

It was a good lathe but too small. The speed control was poor, so I added an industrial speed controller. That added much more torque at lower speeds and a more consistent speed.

I used it a lot and learned the basics of lathes with it. With a brass bed, it was too weak for steel. So I looked for something better.

I sold it when i got the Craftsman 109 lathe. I still miss it sometimes as it was great on real small stuff.

 I picked up an A2Z Quick Change toolpost for the Sherline Lathe. It came with 2 regular tool holders, a parting tool holder and a small boring bar holder.

It worked well. The picture on the left is it actually installed on my Craftsman AA/Dunlap lathe. It worked just as well on that lathe also.

This was my Craftsman 109 6x12 lathe (AA/Dunlap). Was probably one of the sloppiest lathes ever made. I did all kinds of tweaks and modifications to try and get it to have any accuracy.

It was my first lathe with a power feed and thread-cutting capacility.

One of the mods was adding a Sherline milling slide as a cross slide. The stock compound slide was 24-TPI so no way to do accurate turning with a graduated dial.

I had it about a year and finally got it restored, modified and tweaked to be usable. Then I found the 12x36 Atlas/Craftsman and sold it.

I have a set of web pages dedicated to it here.