Scott's Atlas / Craftsman 101.07403 12x36" Lathe, modifications and projects. Stone Mountain, GA Unique Visitors:

This is the stand that came with the lathe. Top and diagonals are 1.5" angle iron 3/16" thick. It probably worked well originally, but changes were done that made it warped.

Vertical legs are 1.5" square tube.

This thing just would not sit level. One corner was 3/8" off the ground. If I shimmed it then the bed needed about 1/16" shims to compensate.

So I decided to fix it or make another.

 First i cut one of the diagonals. 1/16" cutting wheel. it opened up to 1/8" but did not change the twist in the stand.

 There was a 3" C channel added at some point. When I cut the welds it popped back 2"! The legs promptly laid flat on the floor.

He must have added the support because it shook like crazy. And forced it to fit as it hit one of the diagonals. I will cut it off completely. It does not shake without it as I have fixed the counter shaft and pulleys.

The two diagonals are a bit of an issue. One is on the back rail/leg the other is on the front. It would seem that it would take any side-side vibration and add it as a twist to the bed. For now, I'll just weld back the front one.

I drilled the rails on the floor and added 4 bolts that can be used to level the lathe. That allows the bed to sit flush on the top with no shims. The shims caused sag in the bed when tightening down.

Here's another picture of the original stand. I had cut the front cross piece as it was in the way. I have a toobox that fits under the lathe (space is tight.)

The stand works well once fixed. I like it as it is steel and should not change with temperature relative to the lathe.