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Neighbor threw out a Proform Treadmill. Needed new belt and control panel a bit beat up, but it worked.

Took it apart and found the motor and controller basically worked standalone and did not need all the rest of the control panel. Only control is the speed pot.

On the back of the controller is a choke. The controller is an MC-60 and is straightforward. Two AC in lines, +/- to motor and 3 lines to the speed pot.

The motor is 130VDC, 2 1/4HP, 6500 RPM. With the controller, it looks to only reach about half speed.

Shaft is an odd size and too big for the drill press pulley. So it was chucked up in the lathe. The bearing worked well with the steady rest.

End of shaft was turned down to 1/2"

 I made a fan out of sheet metal and welded it to a collar. This really pulls a lot of air through the motor; most does go straight out the sides.

Will need to make some sleeves to support the flange properly.


 Here's the motor mounted. A small bracket welded on to meet up with the spring tensioner.

The hole in the bottom of the cover needed to be made much larger.

Basically all done. Controller mounted in an old ammo box.

It works well, the drill is so much smoother and has more torque. The spindle used to knock as the vibration would cause the inner/outer spindles sleeves to chatter. Now, you just hear the hum of the motor.

On the right, the old motor has been converted into a bench grinder.