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I have play in my compound slide. So, I decided to eliminate it as I only use it for threading or tapers on rare occasions.

So, I decided to replace it with a simple pedestal. Started with a 2" square block the same height as the compound.

First step was drilling a 1/2" hole and then boring to 1-1/2" for the carriage stud.

   Here's the hole done. Was deeper than needed.
Opposite end was drilled then bored to 12.5mm to accept a 14mm thread. This matches the stud on the QCTP.

Here it is complete. I welded some 1/2" bar stock on the sides that was pre-drilled at 1/4".

Then drilled through. Drilled just over half way with 17/64 and tapped 5/16-18 thread.

I made two, 1/4" pins with an angled end to match the angled area on the carriage stud. Then used two bolts.

A better way is to drill 17/64 and turn some pins to match. Then you can tap farther through and the pin will still be supported.

Yes, the bolts are way too long. I'll get some socket head screws to fit later.

There is a noticeable improvement and I like the easier access. Ideally this would be a 3" square block but 2" is all I had.

I'll look at the compound later. I think there is something wedged in or the Gibbs are worn. I suspect the Gibbs have a round face.)

Edit: I noticed the compound has 3/8" bolts. That is easier to make. Drill 5/16" and make some 5/16" angled pins. Then you can tap 3/8". This elimiates the need to drill for threads part way through.