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This is my first TIG Project. Decided I needed more practice. I have done some small repiars with TIG; needed to get more practice.


Frame is made from 1"x1/8" angle iron. Yes it is rusted. The steel was cheap because it was stored outside.

Real nice thing with TIG is there is less distortion. Frame stayed completely flat.

  Some of the first welds including a vertical down.
   One of the casters was fusion welded on (no filler). Rest had just small welds on the corners.
  Some of the welds, most seem to be a bit undercut.
   Some look clean. ;)
  Complete cart. I screwed up as I changed the top angle to being facing up. The plasma cutter is about 1/8" too big to fit in the recess. Will add some cross pieces.
   All done. Do need to clean up the plasma cutter. Been sitting under the lathe and getting oil dripped on. Will cut a piece of wood for the bottom or maybe some steel.