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Received a mower deck that was bashed in so bad the blades cut off a good chunk of the deck.

Here's the bad bits cut off. The two pieces on the floor are the mangled ends of the part the blades cut off. The right one was actually bent 180 degrees.
Fitting a curved piece. Turns out my cut was sloping down so there is a long wedge under the left side.
Real hard to see and looks worse than it is. Welded then ground flush.
Here's the first of the flat part. Long strip with slots cut in it with a thin cutting disk. This allowed it to be arced along the vertical piece. Welded to vertical then slits welded.
Here's a closeup of the welds. Had to move fast at it blew through if it went too slow.
Here's the other end that still needs the slits welded.
The welds were ground flush.

 An upside-down pic, will probably run a bead on the inside corner. Mainly, that is to keep water out.

Came out well and is strong. Probably stronger than original as the metal is a bit heavier than the deck

ALso on the same mower, the main drive pully had split along the center of the hub. Did a bit of filing and pounding (it bent as it broke off.)
TIG welded the pulley back together. Just a bit of filler.