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Tilt Trailer Modifications

Trailer Modifications

Picked up a small 4x8 boat trailer:

   Had those magnetic towing lights that just kept falling off. So, I picked up some recessed LED lights
   First step was making some C channel out of angle iron:
   TIG welded them together. Then cut an oval hole for the Lamps:

 Then welded the frames on

:The D-ring was welded on also. Both done using stick welding.

   Here's a completed tail light:
   A bit of paint, bigger fenders welded on (also upgraded to 12" wheels.) Reflector brackets welded on. Tongue was shortened about 3 feet.


Worked well but want more ;)

   Started by making a rectangle frame:
   50 x 96 inside dimensions. All stick welded. Here's some sample welds:
   Started on the sides:
   All welding is done ;)

 Now on to painting. Need to get some primer and the deck boards.

Oh, yes, it still tilts, but it is considerably heavier.:

   Picked up 5/4 x 6 deck boards:
   First coat of primer:
   First coat of black:
   Painting done, now just need to bake in the sun to get hard:
   All done for now:
   Starting a gate:
   Some welds, Stick wekded with Lincoln Electric 6013, 3/32" rods.

 Started making hinges from 3/4" DOM tubing and 1/2" steel rods. Will allow gate to be removed and reinstalled as a ramp with right, left and center positions.

Forgot to take picts of completed gate. It works well.

On the sides, pins slide in to hold the gate closed. I put them on chains so with the gate down and the pins installed, the gate lays flat. That makes it just ove a 9' trailer.