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The DIY welder needed a wire feeder that ran off 12V for MIG. I found I had almost all the parts needed to make one.

I started with a plastic cutting board as the motor and rollers need to be electrically isolated. The brass tube on the left was turned from a solid block of brass. It was made for my Clarke when I converted it to use a Tweco gun.

The motor and gearbox I already had. It just happened to have a 3/8" output shaft. So, I can use the rollers I made for the Airco feeder.

Here's the idler wheel. I have re-done it with a tab that sticks out under the spring.

I built a frame out of 1.5" angle iron.

Here's the welds. Turns out this is some odd hardened steel that does not weld real well.

Here's the almost completed feeder. A added a front panel with purge and speed controls, a hub for the wire reel and a gas valve. The gas valve was the only thing I had to buy to build the feeder. There is also a small circuit to control the motor speed. I have also added a carrying handle.