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In early June 2007, I made an unbelievable Ebay deal. A poorly written ad, no detailed description, and pickup only. Was only 6 miles away. Here's the only picture in the ad:

So, there was very little interest in the ad. If they had posted the model nuumbers, serial numbers and a list of all the accessories included, it would have gone for a lot more. I picked it up for less than one of them would sell for scrap. I could not lose on the deal. I knew the Airco could run on house current; the others were 3-phase. I figured I'd fix them up and sell them.

Here's the haul: about 1700 lbs of stuff. Was near the weight limit of my trailer

Equipment in deal:

  1. Miller CP-250TS Welder, 330A @ 60%, 250A @ 100%
  2. Airco 300 amp Heliwelder stick and TIG welder, 5-465 amps
  3. Lincoln Idealarc R3S-325 welder with dolly. 325 amps 100% duty cycle.
  4. Lincoln LN-7 Wire feeder, 25' cables
  5. Arc electrode holder
  6. Gouging electode
  7. One ground clamp with 20' cable
  8. Airco Wire feeder
  9. Airco Spool gun with 50' cable
  10. 4 power cables (two sold for scrap copper.)
  11. Lots of 2/0-gauge wire to feed power to wire feeders, Both feeders have 25' cables.
  12. Two Tweco #4 MIG guns with 15' cables (sold one for $110)
  13. Two Crous-Hinds power connectors (sold for over $100)

These are industrial welders that are more than I would ever need.

Equipment state:

  1. Miller CP-250TS had blown fuse, only other issue is voltage control was gummed up.
  2. Lincoln Idealarc R3S-325 was working perfectly. Just needs cleaning
  3. Airco had leaky capacitor in high voltage section, missing fuse and a burned out resistor and needed cleaning.
  4. Airco wire feeder has half cover missing and broken front panel; still works fine
  5. Lincoln LN-7 wire feeder worked fine but was missing a wire guide for the Tweco adapter.
  6. Airco spool gun is missing cover, badly rusted and is beyond repair.
  7. The two Tweco MIG guns were dirty and need new tips; otherwise are fine.

All 3 welders were filthy. Looks like they did a lot of hydraulics. Everything was covered inside and out with black goo that was a mix of oil and mud.

The Airco, Miller and Lincoln were restored to working condition, cleaned up and repainted. The Lincoln was sold. So, I have the Airco and Miller for free with some extra money to boot.


The Airco and its restoration is described here.
The Miller was restored and converted to single-phase and modified for short-arc transfer. It's is described here.
The R3S-325 was restored and sold. It is described here.

Some of the extra cables, gouging electrode and connectors were sold on Ebay.



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